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Wellness Program - Don't take our word for it

Weight Loss

I love the Wellness Program! Delicious, Fresh very healthy (I lost weight!!! on this program) Saves me time, is cost effective, has good size portions and great desserts.

Carmen Felten
Aliso Viejo, CA

Look Great

I want to thank Faustino and the Wellness Program for helping me eat healthier and look more fit with their 40/30/30 meal delivery program. I love the convenience of never having to think about portions for my proper nutrition and I don't miss being burdened with grocery shopping and all the time spent preparing healthy meals and snacks. I also love that the cost is really reasonable for meals that taste better than I would prepare myself and with a wider variety to choose from than I would ever make. Wellness Diet Delivery takes care of everything for me and delivers a week of delicious daily meals and snacks ready to eat or just microwave and eat. Thanks Wellness Program!

Rob Bodine
RSM, California


By the way. My Dad's nurse told him that he NO LONGER NEEDS SHOTS FOR HIS DIABETES. She marveled at his stable blood sugar in such a short period of time. My dad told her about his secret weapon: the Wellness Program. He's a huge fan. I'm a huge fan. I can't thank you enough.

Newport Beach CA

Personal Trainer

I met Faustino when he catered a breakfast event for a graduation party I attended. I was amazed with how tasty the food was! I am a personal trainer and I am always looking for healthy ideas for my clients. He explained the Wellness Program and the zone diet type approach. I tried his delivery for 30 days and lost 5lbs which was great but the most surprising thing was how tasty the food was and how much variety he provided - I looked forward to every meal! It was fun to pick my meals on his website and I felt excited to eat. The quality of food is outstanding. I now recommend his service to all my clients!

Virginia Crowe
Personal Trainer and client, Forever Fitt