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Wellness Program - Answers to some of our most common questions.

What if I have diabetes?

The Catering Factory's Wellness 40-30-30 Program is actually a weight loss as well as a wellness program. It was originally developed to help people with diabetes and heart disease. The Catering Factory's 40-30-30 is the perfect diet for someone with Type II diabetes. The number of Americans with Type II diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate. Accompanying this issue is low HDL's, hypertension, and high triglycerides, all risk factors to heart disease. The Catering Factory's 40-30-30 programming addresses all of these and is the answer to better health because it is the only program that corrects elevated insulin levels. Type I diabetics will also benefit from our programming; However, as with all diet programs, we encourage you to see your physician regularly and adjust all medications accordingly.

What If I have high cholesterol?

High cholesterol, in contrast to popular belief, is not a result of eating goods high in cholesterol. This soft waxy substance is essential to brain chemistry, memory and necessary to form, cell membranes, hormones and other tissues of the body. Cholesterol has gotten a bad rap through the years, but it is only harmful when it becomes plaque; a thick, hard coating that builds up in the arterial walls. The cause of the build-up is not dietary cholesterol, rather the intake of unfavorable carbohydrates that initiate insulin, a pro-inflammatory hormone that causes a cascade of reactions eventually leading to arterial damage. We will create balanced meals that will enable you to lose weight, as well as lower your cholesterol levels.

What if I'm pregnant or nursing?

Most doctors recommend that pregnant women and nursing mothers eat a well-balanced diet, increasing their food intake by about 25-30%, which would translate to consuming an "extra" block of protein carbohydrate and fat at each meal. Upon your request, we will also eliminate difficult to digest and gassy foods from your program.

What if I'm on medication?

We encourage you to see your physician before making any dietary changes. You may, in fact, need to lower the dosage of certain drugs as you reach your wellness and weight loss goals. Certain medications actually increase insulin levels, "sabotaging" your weight loss efforts. Talk to your doctor about drugs that may have less deleterious effects on insulin. Never make any changes without consulting your physician for advice.

Should I eat three meals and two snacks even if I am not hungry?

Absolutely YES! The Catering Factory's Wellness 40-30-30 is all about the hormonal responses to food. Think of food as a drug. Your body needs to process this "drug" in a particular way in order for you to attain your weight loss goals. Not being hungry is a great indicator that you are losing body fat and another important rule is to always eat breakfast within an hour of waking.

What if I'm not hungry?

Keep an appointment with food; it's all in the planning! Since a The Catering Factory's 40-30-30 Program meal "regulates" your body's response to insulin, you must eat on a regular basis. Although everyone is different, The Catering Factory's 40-30-30 meal should starve off hunger for approximately 4-5 hours, a snack, approximately 2 hours. Remember to eat your 3 meals and 2 snacks no matter what. Not being hungry indicates that you are accomplishing your goals and losing body fat along F-frustration A-anxiety T-tension!

Should I eat before working out in the gym?

Definitely! Eating a balanced snack 30 minutes before working out assures that you will access the hormonal benefits, which means that you will burn body fat, which is essential to weight loss. Aerobic exercise reduces insulin levels, the key to getting trimmer. Aerobic exercise builds strong muscles. Muscles are a more metabolically active tissue than fat. Even if the scale doesn't move, your clothes will fit better and you will look and feel better. Exercise is an important component to helping you achieve your goals and we highly encourage it! Just remember to start: off slowly and build from there to avoid injury.

Is it ok to eat rice, bagels or pasta ever again?

Of course! What makes The Catering Factory's Wellness 40-30-30 Program so wonderful is that no foods are excluded; However, when consuming carbohydrates, the best choice is always vegetables and fruits, which are loaded with vitamins and nutrients. All carbohydrates are composed of sugar. Rice, bagels, pasta and sweets have lots more sugar (called the glycemic index) than the more beneficial carbohydrates found in vegetables and fruits. Another point worth making is that many people do not digest grain based foods well and often find that the results of eating these foods are bloating and other digestive disorders. When choosing the grains and other starchy foods, consume very small amounts.

Isn't having 30% fat in my diet too much?

One of the greatest medical myths of the past half century, especially the last 20 years, is that fats are evil. Fats (more properly referred to as lipids), are essential to good health. Now, some fats are better than others, and no one is encouraging you to eat saturated or hydrogenated fats. However, never make the mistake of lumping all fats together into one negative grouping. Good fats, especially monounsaturated fats, actually have significant health benefits. Contrary to present thinking, it takes dietary fat to burn body fat. That's why we supply you with meals with the appropriate amount of fat. Fat actually slows the entry of carbohydrates into the blood stream and are responsible for initiating certain hormones that give you a sense of satisfaction and signal you to stop eating.

Should I be concerned about calories?

The Catering Factory's Wellness 40-30-30 Program is not about calories. It is about the hormonal response to food. Most women receiving our wellness program meals will be consuming 1100-1200 calories daily. Most men will be consuming 1400-1600 calories per day. But because of blood sugar levels are balanced, if you are like most people, you will be enjoying greater energy levels, less fatigue, the ability to think more clearly, and fewer cravings while attaining your weight loss goals.

Will I gain weight back one I complete the program?

A diet is something you can go off and on. We prefer to think of the wellness nutrition as a lifestyle program, which teaches you new habits and a new way of looking at (eating!) food. We encourage our clients to take the time out to understand not only the food portions that are being sent to you, but the food groupings so that when you decide to go off the program you will be able to maintain the diet on your own by using what we call the eyeball method.

Can I drink milk if I'm concerned about calcium?

Another unfortunate food myth is that milk is the perfect food. Well, it might just be if you're a 300 lb calf! In reality, the majority of the world's population finds it quite difficult to digest milk. Most of us do not have the enzymes necessary to "break down" milk. We often refer to this as "lactose intolerance." Calcium is important in the formation of strong bones and teeth, in the maintenance of a regular heartbeat, and in the transmission of never impulses. It has even proven to be important in preventing colon cancer. This much-needed mineral can be found in lots of the good foods we will be sending you, especially green leafy vegetables. For added insurance, it is always to include a calcium supplement in your vitamin regimen.

When do I eat?

It has been said that timing is everything! The meals should keep your blood sugar regulated for approximately 4 to 5 hours, a snack about 2 hours. By eating on a "regular" basis; 3 meals and 2 snacks each day, you will control insulin and lose body fat. Always eat your breakfast within an hour of rising and schedule your remaining meals accordingly. You'll begin to understand how important it is to regulate your body's use of macronutrients- proteins, carbohydrates and fats- throughout the day. Also, remember to eat before you become hungry.

When can I drink?

Water should always be your beverage of choice. Burning fat is a very dehydrating process, which is why constipation is often a complaint when starting the program. Drinking lots of water is important. Juices are loaded with sugar and should be avoided. By adding a bit of sparkling water you can learn to wean yourself off juice by slowly changing the ratio to more water than juice and retraining your taste buds until you've readjusted to drinking only water.

Can I drink alcohol?

Alcoholic drinks are derived from grains or fruits. They are high glycemic, high-sugared carbohydrates. Alcohol increases insulin levels, which sabotages your weight loss efforts. Think of a 4 oz. of glass wine, a bottle of beer or 1 ½ oz. of liquor as one block. That means that if you're a male, consuming 4 blocks of carbohydrates (36-40 grams) at a meal you would need to eat one block less of carbohydrates in order to have that drink at that meal. There are many inconsistent reports coming out of the scientific community regarding alcohol consumption. Some studies show that alcohol is toxic to the cells, accelerates the aging process and has been linked to breast cancer. Other data show alcohol to be heart friendly (in small amounts). If you don't drink, don't start now. If you do, always drink in moderation.